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The vox FM Facebook page has been updated

Over the past 2 months the Vox FM Facebook page has undergone a revamp. Giving all of our presenters and programs and equal chance to appear on the Facebook page, the page has successfully advertised each show over the past 2 months. (with the exception of shows that are currently on holiday). 

The Vox FM Facebook page is being updated three times a day at a minimum. This has been done to try and expand our online Vox FM Community in the hope that we will get some new members in the future from the Facebook page. At this point in time, Craig Mansell has been the person who has been updating the Facebook page and Craig does need some help with this task. 

If any member can make suggestions of what they would like to see on the official Vox FM Facebook page can you please either write a note to Craig and place it in his pigeon hole (box 69), or email your suggestion to djstyx01@gmail.com. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome as Craig is running out of idea's quickly and would like to keep the facebook page growing into the future. 

Please encourage your friends online to like and share the Vox FM Facebook page as this will help us to get our stations name out to more people in the public.