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MCCI Excellence in Service Delivery 2023

Community Group of the Year 2022

Presenter of the Month

Marica Kercmar

Marica is a veteran presenter of the Slovenian Voice, a program that celebrates the culture, history, and music of Slovenia. She has been with VOX FM for more than 18 years, sharing her passion and knowledge with the listeners. Marica is a proud Slovenian who never forgets her roots and loves to help her community. She is always ready to support our fundraising events and to greet everyone with her warm and friendly smile. Join Marica every Sunday from 10am and enjoy the best of Slovenian music and news on VOX FM.

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VOX FM has won many awards over the years and we are proud to present our latest award MMCI Excellence in Service Delivery 2023. We thank our team of volunteers, listeners, sponsors and partners for their continuous support and encouragement.

About VOX FM

Welcome to Vox FM 106.9, the Voice of the Illawarra! For over 40 years, we've been dedicated to giving members of the community a powerful voice through our diverse programming and commitment to supporting local talent.

Classic hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, to lively discussions about the issues that matter most to the Illawarra region, Vox FM has something for everyone. We're also proud to showcase the rich diversity of our community through our ethnic music programs, which provide a platform for a wide variety of cultural voices.

At Vox FM, we believe that everyone deserves to be heard, and we're proud to have listeners from all walks of life, including Indigenous, Bosnian, Croatian, Cyprian, Dutch, Filipino, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Koori, Macedonian, Maltese, Portuguese, Scottish, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Polish, and Arabic backgrounds. We're more than just a radio station - we're a vibrant and inclusive community that values creativity, expression, and the power of the human voice.

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